The British TV Missing Episodes Index

Series 1
Hair Raising! 13/06/1966 Missing
Two Toilets?///That's Posh 04/07/1966 Missing
Intolerance 11/07/1966 Exists
From Liverpool With Love 18/07/1966 Missing
Claustrophobia 01/08/1966 Missing

Series 2
Sex Before Marriage 02/01/1967 Missing
I Can Give It Up Any Time I Like 09/01/1967 Missing
The Bulldog Breed 16/01/1967 Missing
Caviare On The Dole 23/01/1967 Missing
A Woman's Place Is In The Home! 30/01/1967 Missing
A Wapping Mythology (The Workers' King) 06/02/1967 Missing
Alf's Dilemma (Cleaning Up TV) 27/02/1967 Missing ten minutes

Series 3
Monopoly 19/01/1968 Missing
The Funeral 26/01/1968 Missing
Football 02/02/1968 Missing
The Puppy 09/02/1968 Missing (final 90 seconds exists)

Comedy Playhouse 22/07/1965 Extract Only
Christmas Night With The Stars 25/12/1967 Missing
Up the Polls (election night special) 18/06/1970 Incomplete domestic copy exists
Christmas Night With The Stars 25/12/1971 Missing


Studio recording tapes exist for editions tx'd 13/09/1972, 20/09/1972 and 03/12/1975.
Audio copies exist of every episode.

An extended version exists for the edition tx'd 31/12/1974

Sex Before Marriage (tx 02/01/1967) | Duration: 1.13
(16mm film From Late Night Line Up, 15/09/1972)
A Wapping Mythology (The Workers' King) (tx 06/02/1967) | Duration: 1.19
(16mm film, from LNLU, 15/09/1972)
Aunt Maud (tx 12/02/1968) | Duration: 2.02
(16mm film, from LNLU, 15/09/1972)
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